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Made Blue Foundation

We have joined forces with the Made Blue Foundation so that when you stay in our hotels, you can sleep (and shower) easier knowing that you're helping providing water where it’s most needed, from Asia and Africa to the Americas.

Who are Made Blue?

This entrepreneurial-minded water charity is on a mission to provide everyone with access to clean drinking water. Water stress and scarcity is a threat that’s long been listed with rising temperatures as a Global Risk by the World Economic Forum — few understand this better than this non-profit founded in the Netherlands in 2014. 

How do we work together?

Our partnership funds 100 litres of clean, fresh water for every room night sold. Guests across each of the our six hotels are given this ‘gift’ to pay forward — an amount funded, in its entirety, by Lore. Every guest has the power to decide where, and whom, the total amount made possible by their stay will support: each occupied night provides one full day of clean water for a household in Bangalore to Mexico City, as delivered by Made Blue Foundation. 

To find out more about the Made Blue Foundation, and the projects and people who benefit from Lore Group's gift of clean water - please either visit the foundation's website below, or get in touch with us directly.